Happy New Year: A Paper Ball

While thinking about the ball dropping in Times Square, my mind went to … paper balls!

So here goes, 10 Paper Balls for the countdown to midnight. Happy New Year to One and All!

10. Check out these amazing woven paper spheres. There is even a pattern for making these!

Sphere #001 by Papermatrix

Sphere #001 by Papermatrix

9. Professor Yoshinobu Miyamoto has made some amazing paper spheres, among other things!

Paper constructions by Professor Yoshinobu, Miyamoto

Paper constructions by Professor Yoshinobu, Miyamoto



7. Carlos Molina makes wonders with paper, including these paper puzzle balls.

Paper Art - Brown Paper Sphere


6. and these paper ornaments:

Ornament Mobile

5. These paper pom poms are fun:

Paper pom pom

Paper pom pom

4. Another whimsical party decoration: paper fans (I love how these collapse to ship flat). Grab a discount on these from Party City!

Bright Pink Hanging Fans

Bright Pink Hanging Fans

3. This guy is cool: Nick Sayers has made spherical sculptures, shelters and lighting!

Playing cards sphere (slotted)

2. Check out this paper cup pendant! Its a DIY project too.

Paper Cup Light Shade

Paper Cup Light Shade

1. And the grand finale. You’ll have to click on this link – I couldn’t figure out how to copy the video onto the blog. Hint, hint, it’s origamic architecture.

Happy 2013!


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