Curated Paper Collection #4


2021 Q4 Curated Paper Collection #4

I’m delighted to introduce you to the fourth in my series of Curated Paper Collections! And good news! This set of papers is less expensive than previous collections, even though many of the papers are handmade.

* The papers pictured here are just part of the papers in the collection.

This collection contains 11 unique papers from around the world that I enjoyed discovering and purchasing from paper shops and artisans. The sheets range in size from 8-1/2″ x 11″ up to 12” x 18”. Some are full sheets with deckled edges on all sides, and others are cut in half or quarters to make them more affordable! These papers will be rolled and shipped in a tube via priority mail.

You’ll find a detailed description about each of the papers in this Curated Paper Collection below.

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You will receive the following with your purchase:

  • A sheet of tags with information and a photo of each of the papers.
  • Information on where to purchase more of the paper (if available).
  • The papers (as listed below).

An * indicates that a particular paper in the collection comes in a variety of colors and/or designs.

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The Secret Language of Flight

8 1/2″ x 11″

This paper was created specifically for this collection by Julie Johnson in Portland, Oregon from paper mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera) bast fiber and wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) secondary flight feathers. Both the plant and bird are non-native introduced species in Oregon. The feathers swirled in the pulp and seemed to form letters, hence the name.


Itame (Woodgrain Pattern) Handmade Japanese Kozo Tissue

12″ x 17″

Itame means wood grain. This handmade 100% kozo sheet has a distinctive pattern made with a patterned stencil. The stencil is placed over the wet kozo fiber sheet and water displaces the wet pulp through the screen creating the wood grain pattern. This is an inspiring paper to layer and is great for collage as well as for fly sheets in books.


O-Gami Handmade Paper *

11″ x 14″

In 2010, Sara Gilfert of Paper Circle guided her team in the creation of O-Gami paper, a specialized, hand made paper created especially for the complex-fold origami artist. The paper was launched in NYC at the Origami USA convention that year. A review from Origami USA in their publication, The Fold (July 2014), stated that O-Gami “was the toughest paper we’ve tested.” O-Gami paper is 100% abaca, takes a complex fold, snaps into place when needed, and is known for its strength and beauty. O-Gami paper comes in 39 colors and three weights and can also be special ordered. The papers in this collection are the thinnest, approx. 25gsm.


Vintage Cotton Rag

8-1/2″ x 11″

100% cotton rag paper made by Jackie Radford from early 1900’s costumes from the drama school at Yale University. This paper was a labor of love: the textiles were first torn into 2-3” squares, then soaked in water for 2 days and beaten in a Critter beater for 2.5 hours, and then the roll was raised incrementally for 1 hour to remove lumps. These vintage fabrics told Jackie many stories as their mere presence enriched her studio, and she hopes you enjoy these fibers as they begin their second, new life as beautiful, cotton rag paper.


Beidler Blue Laid Handmade Paper

11-1/4″ x 18-1/2″

Handmade by Andrea Peterson, this paper is composed of Indiana farmer’s denim and cotton. Brien Beidler commissioned the original paper to replicate a historic blue paper.


Vietnamese Dó Paper

12″ x 15″

This light tan, fibrous, limp cover weight paper is made from the bark of Duóng, a plant that grows in Vietnam and belongs to mulberry family. It is a smooth versatile paper that works well with most mediums, including ink, watercolor, marbling, mixed media, bookbinding and printing. It is strong with good tooth, wet strength and absorbency. 


Egyptian Papyrus

11″ x 8″

This paper is made in Egypt using an age-old process of layering strips of the papyrus plant. Qaramous village is the only village in the world 

producing papyrus paper today. I didn’t quite expect to receive the sheets spiral bound in drawing pads, but that is how they are sold in Egypt.


Rock Paper *

Assorted Small Sheets + Pieces + Weights

Rock Paper is literally made from rocks using a patented process. You can work with it like any paper, it stretches, and it is acid free, mildew mold, insect and water resistant.


Chiyogami *

9″ x 8″

In Japan “Chiyo” means 1,000 Generations & “-Gami” means paper. Chiyogami is made with kozo, mitsumata and gampi fibers, and the designs were originally applied to the paper with wood blocks. Today, most chiyogami is produced with silkscreen techniques, and there are hundreds of decorative patterns.


Handmade Flax

12″ x 18″

100% flax sheet pulp, colored with bone black pigment to produce a thin charcoal grey sheet with a smooth surface for drawing or book making. Created right here at Helen Hiebert Studio.


Embroidered Cotton *

10″ x 16″

These handmade cotton sheets from India come in a variety of colors with varied machine-embroidered patterns, giving the papers a fun finish. Both the front and back of each sheet is patterned with unique designs.



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