Curated Paper Collection #3


2021 Q3 Curated Paper Collection #3

I’m delighted to introduce you to the third in my series of Curated Paper Collections!

* The papers pictured here are just part of the papers in the collection.

This collection contains 11 unique papers from around the world that I enjoyed discovering and purchasing from paper shops and artisans. The sheets range in size from 8-1/2″ x 11″ up to 15” x 20”. Some are full sheets with deckled edges on all sides, and others are cut in half or quarters to make them more affordable! These papers will be rolled and shipped in a tube via priority mail.

You’ll find a detailed description about each of the papers in this Curated Paper Collection below.

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You will receive the following with your purchase:

  • A sheet of tags with information and a photo of each of the papers.
  • Information on where to purchase more of the paper (if available).
  • The papers (as listed below).

An * indicates that a particular paper in the collection comes in a variety of colors and/or designs.

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English Cockerell Marbled Paper

12 1/2″ x 20″

Cockerell and Sons was best known in the last century for their marbled papers, which were not only used in books, but also by many other artisans. The reverse bouquet pattern in browns is marbled on a kraft colored paper. This film shows how wonderful the production process is and the craft skills involved.


Green Banana Tissue Paper

12” x 16”

This tissue-thin translucent paper with tiny fiber flecks is made in Micronesia from long, golden banana fibers sourced directly from local farmers. Banana fibers are rapidly renewable, and the sustainable, eco-friendly Pacific island paper is creating jobs and supporting over 100 families, local farmers and employees.


Vintage Crepe Paper *

10-3/4″ x 16-3/4″

Pastel colors and a soft crepe surface make this vintage Danshi paper the perfect choice for traditional and contemporary crafts, wrapping, book arts, and more. Sheets vary due to the nature of vintage fibers (these are 30 years old) and the dye shows some signs of age at the edges. Even with slight imperfections, these are truly lovely papers!


Oblation Floral Handmade Paper

13-1/2″ x 18″

Oblation Papers & Press makes these papers in their urban mill in Portland, Oregon using 100% recycled cotton from the garment industry. They mix in flower remnants and manufacture a variety of wedding products. This paper would make great cards or lovely book covers.


Yuzenshi Paper

9-1/2″ x 15-3/4

This paper from Japan is screen printed on a white Japanese base paper. The careful process creates the stunning colors, rich vibrant blues, and a beautiful gold created with mica powder. The crane is very important in Japan; it is a symbol of hope, strength, gratitude, longevity, loyalty and other attributes. The traditional soaring crane is there to boost our spirits, guide us and give us strength – quite appropriate for the times.


Handmade Abaca with Plant Fiber Inclusions *

8 1/4″ x 11 1/2″

This paper is handmade at the Cronquist Paper Studio in Latvia by Ilze Dilane. She mixes a variety of natural inclusions (hydrangea flowers, cattail, rhubarb, tree leaves, grass, moss and tree needles) into a translucent abaca pulp. The color of these papers varies from light grey and light brown to green brown, depending on the plant mixed into the abaca pulp. Each sheet has four deckled edges.


Huun Mayan Paper *

11-1/2″ x 17″

Huun handmade paper is created from the lengua de vaca plant (also known as the Sansevieria plant) by Mayan artisans throughout the Yucatan Peninsula of México. They combine ancient Japanese and Mayan techniques to create these unique and deeply colored papers. The sheets are pounded with a specially-carved stone, which makes one side of the paper textured, while the other side remains smooth.


Awagami Yuzen *

8-1/2 x 19-1/2″

Katazome patterned papers were developed by Awagami Factory’s long-time collaborator, Kuriyama-san in Kyoto, and are inspired by old kimono patterns and printing techniques. For decades, Awagami has been making kozo paper, which absorbs the rich pigments used by Katazome artists during the resist-dyeing process.


Screenprinted Nepalese Lokta

15” x 20”

Nepalese lokta paper is handmade from Daphne Papyracea or Daphne Cannabina, which grows on the southern slopes of the Nepali Himalayas between 5,250 and 13,000 feet. The cultivation of this tree-free paper is a reliable revenue stream for the village artisans of Nepal’s rural and urban areas. It is popular for its attractive texture, durability, strength and resistance to insects, and was used to write mantras and sacred texts, as well as for all official government and legal documents. Lokta papers come in a variety of hand silkscreened patterns featuring traditional and modern designs. The paper in this collection is printed with a swirly golden design; it is translucent and looks amazing when held up to the light.


Awagami Sake Label Paper

8-1/4” x 11-3/4″

These sheets, which have four deckled edges, were part of a custom sake label project at Awagami Factory in Japan. They have watermarked lines which make the paper thinner, so you can tear it to create cards or make your own wine/sake labels.


Wild Abaca

10″ x 14″

I make wild abaca paper at Helen Hiebert Studio (I sometimes call it abaca leather). After forming the sheets, they are air dried. Then they are misted with water and restraint dried, which results in this translucent, textured and strong paper. This particular batch is a light celadon green.