A Taste of Japan


So sorry! These sold out quickly.

Please note: This product image is representative of what you will receive, but I purchased several different designs of many of the papers, so each paper pack is unique!

Each paper pack contains 23 sheets ranging in size; the largest sheets are 9″ x 12″. The following list of papers is printed out and included in the paper pack, so that you will be able to identify them:

  • Stencil-dyed katazome
  • Screen printed chiyogami
  • Decorative sheet made at Taki Mill in Echizen
  • Vintage crepe textured chirimen paper
  • Leather-like card-weight paper purchased from Itoya in Tokyo
  • Antique book page (handmade paper)
  • 3 pulp painted strips made at Osada Mill in Echizen
  • Itajime dip dyed sheet purchased from Ozu Washi in Tokyo
  • (5) unusual origami sheets
  • Handmade sheet made at Taki Mill in Echizen
  • Decorative printed sheet
  • Watermark purchased from Fukui Antenna Shop in Tokyo
  • (2) lace papers (one made by hand at Ryozo mill in Echizen)
  • Machine-made gampi purchased from Kamiji Kakimoto in Kyoto
  • (2) tiny chiyogami papers

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