Winter 2017 Paper Sale

Sale Dates: January 26 – 31, 2017

Twice a year, I clear out my flat files to make room for new papers, and you get a paper sale! Treat yourself to unique handmade papers that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Everything is discounted – yippee!

Please note:

  • There are limited quantities for each package, so order right away to get what you want!
  • Everything will ship flat, and the broadsides will be folded in half for economical shipping. Please contact me if you don’t want yours folded and we can make arrangements.

1. Decorative Paper Collage Pack: $10 + shipping

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A selection of decorative papers from around the world! I have such a collection of small pieces that I decided to divvy them up into collage packs. The largest piece (upper left) is 8-1/2″ x 11″ and the smallest is 1″ x 10″. These come neatly packaged in a clear plastic sleeve. Papers will vary by pack, but what you see pictured here gives you a good representation of the 25-30 paper pieces that will come in your pack. These papers are imported from Japan, India and Thailand. 



2. Handmade Paper Collage Pack: $20 + shipping

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These papers are all handmade by yours truly and range in size from 6″ x 9″ to 8-1/2″ x 12″. They come packaged neatly in a plastic sleeve. The collection includes an assortment of abacas, watermarked cottons and a pulp stenciled butterfly paper. What you see below is what you get, except for the abaca leather in the bottom right corner – the color of that sheet will vary.


Top Row: black abaca, light purple abaca, dark purple abaca, orange/red fleck abaca. Middle Row: green and orange alphabet watermarks; Bottom Row: white geometry watermark, blue floral watermark, pulp stenciled cotton butterfly, abaca leather.


3. Equality Broadside: $15/1; $25/2: $30/3 + shipping 

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This 18″ x 12″ cotton broadside is pigmented pink. These will be folded in half for economical shipping. Please contact me if you don’t want yours folded and we can make arrangements. The image is a watermark, which I cut by hand and adhered to the papermaking mould. During sheet forming, the watermark (made from a thin rubber material) protrudes into the wet pulp, making the paper thinner in the images areas. After pressing and drying, the image appears, especially when backlit.

I have been thinking a lot about equality (for years actually, but the recent election and women’s marches brought my thoughts to the forefront). There are so many ways to think about equality: women’s rights, human rights, sexual and gender bias, religious freedom, income inequalities, etc, etc, etc. Why do we feel powerful; when do we feel weak? This is my humble attempt to voice my feelings through a love of letterforms, watermarks and design. The root is love, the letters are blooming, and I was delighted to discover the grid/ladder that formed when the roots of the letters intertwined with the rainbow earth at the base of the image.


4. Light Paper $50 + shipping

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Oooh, a novelty item! Click here to watch a short video about this sculptural light paper. I recently discovered that those battery-operated light strands that you can purchase for wedding and floral decorations are waterproof, so I decided to try embedding them in paper. I added copper wire to make the paper bendable and moldable, allowing you to form the light paper into a variety of shapes. Once you’ve got your shape, just flip the switch and turn on your paper! These sheets are approximately 12″ x 11″ when flat.


5. One of Each $85 + shipping (save $25)

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All Papers

Like everything? Can’t decide which papers to purchase? This package includes both collage packs, a sheet of light paper and three copies of the Equality broadside.

Order soon, and thanks for your support!