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The Sunday Paper #142, January 15, 2017

Paper of the Week: Japanese Tissue – White Sudare


This is another paper in the supply kit for my online class Paper Illuminated. This thin Japanese tissue is available from Mulberry Paper & More and comes in several patterns.


In the Studio:\

My inspiration into the world of paper began many years ago on a brief trip to Japan when I observed light filtering through the papered screens in a traditional Inn. Here’s what we’ll be turning this paper into in my online class, Paper Illuminated, which begins March 8th. Not only will we be “weaving” wood, but this incredible Japanese paper hinge connects the panels and allows them to flex in both directions.

shoji screen-ltn


Susan Niner James is someone you should know. She writes the blog The Papercraft Post, and recently she reviewed Paul Jackson new book Cut and Fold Paper Textures, in other words: paper as surface design. I can’t wait to get my copy!


The artist Movana Chen knits paper that has been shredded into body suits and even performs in them.

The artist Nghiep Luu is exhibiting a special installation to raise funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital by creating 10,000 paper cranes! That will be quite a feat for such a wonderful cause!


Here’s a fun story about collaboration and hand papermaking at Elizabethtown College, where psychology, art and ecology students made paper using duckweed from a pond on campus.


This is a nice article about the benefits of paper in the digital age.


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